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Receive MLS® Listings of homes that match your specific criteria as soon as they hit the market:






Receive MLS® Listings of homes that match your specific criteria as soon as they hit the market:





Moving Calendar

Moving can be an overwhelming experience.You may already be cringing at the thought just looking around at your current home.

Use this list to help you plan a successful, stress-free move.

Two Months Before Your Move

  • Interview movers (book your truck if you're not using professionals)
  • Start collecting boxes (if they're not being provided by the mover)
  • Sort your belongings into what is coming with you and what's not

Six Weeks Before Your Move

  • Begin writing your moving notices (use the checklist as a guide)
  • Plan your garage sale
  • Start packing items you don't use regularly

One Month Before Your Move

  • Contact the utilities and make arrangements to transfer services
  • Contact phone and cable companies

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Confirm your movers (either professionals or friends)
  • Book the elevators (if you're moving into or out of a high-rise)

One Week Before Your Move

  • Call your RE/MAX associate and arrange for a pre-closing inspection
  • Make an appointment to see your lawyer and review details
  • Contact your lender and ensure that funds are available
  • Have all of your valuables gathered and begin packing them in suitcases for personal transport
  • A few days before your move, begin defrosting and drying out the freezer

On Moving Day

  • Keep your moving file on hand
  • Organize your belongings so that they end up in the right room
  • Begin unpacking any items provided by the movers which will incur daily usage charges after the move
  • Try to relax

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